Monday, 4 October 2010

Still having teeth troubles and a fantastic giveaway from Decor to Adore!!

Still not well and this is getting me down now, just pull all my teeth out already! The huge amount of antibiotics and painkillers is making me feel proper ropey, stomach ache and just general bleurghness. I just want to go to bed for a week, root canal friday, fun fun fun.

In other news I've been reading a lovely interiors blog called Deco to Adore for some inspiration as I decorate my new abode,  and Laura's got a fantastic giveaway going right now. Get over there now and take a look!

This weekend I've been on a training course as I continue my studies as an animal trainer and behaviourist, and looking for inspiration for a zombie inspired halloween outfit!

Friday, 1 October 2010

It wasn't supposed to start like this...

I assembled everything I needed and then got a massive infection in my teeth! I've been off sick for two days with it, I'm on 2 different types of painkillers, 2 lots of antibiotics plus a topical gel to numb the area and it's now over a week since I had the fillings. My brand spanking new blog here to inspire and push me on has been completely neglected, and as I'm new to all of this anyway I'm a bit dissapointed really.

Anyway, I thought I'd just show you some nice pics of what I've been buying recently; evidently an infected tooth does not stop one's shopping needs! :)

So yesterday was a very exciting day, despite the tooth agony I went and picked up a lovely kidney shaped dressing table. I decided I genuinely needed a dressing table I could sit at, rather than the Ikea Hemnes mirrored chest I bought a couple of years ago, which despite looking lovely, was not at all practical for doing hair and make up, there was no way you could sit at it. Also after paying nearly £200 for the chest and the drawers starting to bow already I decided I wanted something old and solid.

I got this dressing table for a bargain; the mirrored top has seen better days and needs replacing, and it could do with a proper curtain but look at the workmanship - dovetail jointed solid drawers oh la la!! I am really going to enjoy using this once I've set it all up correctly, it's a lot better than other kidney shaped ones I've seen as it has proper drawers not just shelves or worse some ugly chipboard. I think the handles are Bakelite, the gentleman I bought it from says he thinks it dates from around the 20's as it was his mother's mother's. I just need to look for an authentic mirror triple for it now, no idea where to start with that...

Yesterday was a good day for me and eBay, I also won some elbow length black leather gloves, I have a few jackets with 3/4 length sleeves that need long gloves with them and leather feels so good to wear, I also won a set of Remington tight curls which I anticipate will be small enough for my Pompadour with undercut hair, I'm trying to grow the top currently.

A few weeks ago I won this gorgeous Aquascutum emerald green leather vanity case with original key, the seller says it originally cost over £450 but I didn't pay anywhere near that! It's almost to nice to use, currently I'm using it to store hair bits as I don't want to risk damaging the inside, and it's living wrapped in bubble wrap in my wardrobe, I don't want my cat (more about her later!) to think leather feels nice to put her claws in and she is a naughty minx!

So that's it for my shopping, that's really it for now, I need to get saving and stop spending, and with a wardrobe or three literally bursting at the seams, it may be time to start editing and getting rid of stuff! Eek!! Once I'm over this tooth infection I'll start with my fitness plan, as right now I just want to dose myself up and go to bed, oh well at least I can't eat much and certainly no sugar so that must be helping the old figure...